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Flux Performance Monitor

a system performance analysis tool

Flux collects and tracks performance indicators (latency, throughput, load) from attached systems and analyzes the data with statistical methods to ease interpretation, enabling you to gain insights about potential optimizations.

Auto discovery

Flux configures sensors and checks automatically so your systems are completely monitored. Stop worrying about configuring checks by hand.

Auto sync

Flux uses RabbitMQ to deliver results reliably and in real time. In case a connection breaks, you're covered by RabbitMQ storing and syncing results when the connection is re-established.

Auto analysis

Flux determines what behaviour is to be expected and what is likely to be a failure mathematically using statistical methods.



Share data and graphs with others to discuss results. ACLs give you full control over who can see what, and sharing does not require registration.

Do maths

Add formulas to calculate further graphs from the data you collected using the Flux sensors.


See what you can learn from the data you gathered to find room for improvements.

Flux is not...

  • a status monitor like Nagios, i. e. it does not detect outages or send notifications.
  • proactive, i.e. it does not warn you that things might take an ugly turn soon.
  • a replacement for an educated sysadmin.

Development is still under way, so unfortunately, there is not much to be seen here yet.

Contact Svedrin in the Freenode IRC network if you'd like to get in touch.

There's a Trello board where I keep track of ideas and a repository containing the data collector.

Also, check out my blog post on what I'm doing here.